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When was the last time music made you really smile? Not just that moment of recognition or a private memory – we’re talking music that jumps out of the speakers with that lightning in a bottle sparkle that hits all the right spots. Been a while? Well, Brisbane’s CKNU are just what you need.

While they may slide effortlessly across the genre map, CKNU make music that when stripped back, exists to make you have a good time. This is soul with a sly grin.

From start to finish their thumping new EP ‘Louder’ is pure joy. Of all their recordings to date, this is the one that captures the band’s now stellar live show. There’s that bottom end rooted in funk and hip-hop; that playfulness that finds them slipping from reggae to R&B; and right out front those stunning harmonies that have become a signature sound led brothers Sah and Tito.

Catch CKNU at the Twilight Tastings Friday 15th September on the main stage and also in the Quay Street Marquee Parrilla Party Saturday 16th September.


Dave Dow

There are few performers who can captivate an audience with just vocals and a guitar alone – but Dave Dow is certainly one of these anomalies.

His personality shines through on stage, stopping passer-bys in their tracks as he demonstrates his musical aptitude and vocal skill on an eclectic range of styles and genres.

He’s traversed the globe performing from gigs in every outpost of Australia, to New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, South Africa and China. When not traveling overseas, Dave has supported some of the biggest names in the Australian music industry, and some impressive international visitors including Wendy Matthews, Yothu Yindi and James Morrison to name a few.

Dave Dow’d blend of roots, soul, R&B, gospel, jazz, funk, Motown, soft rock and current hits means his music appeals to everyone regardless of age or musical preference.

Catch Dave Dow at the Twilight Tastings Friday 15th September on the main stage and also throughout the Festival Grounds Saturday night and Sunday.


Band of the 1st Regimnent, Royal Australian Artillery

A truly unique experience, the 30 piece Band of the 1st Regiment will astound you with their big sound covering a wide range of genres including rock, jazz, pop and classical genres.

The Band of the 1st Regiment, RAA was formed in 1954 at Gona Barracks in Kelvin Grove, Brisbane. The Band’s primary role is to provide ceremonial and musical support to the 1st Regiment and the 7th Brigade. In addition to this the Band provides support to Royal and Vice-Regal occasions, federal, state and local government engagements.

The 1 Regiment Band has an establishment strength of 30 members, which comprises one Regular Army Warrant Officer Class One as Bandmaster and 29 Army Reserve musicians.

The Band is primarily a concert band however; the concert band instrumentation enables the band to perform as a number of different ensembles such as a marching band, big band or stage band.  There is also a small jazz ensemble, a rock band, and various brass and woodwind ensembles.  This allows the band to cover a wide range of music including popular and classical genres.

Currently the Band holds a very popular reputation both within the military and civilian communities alike. The Band is constantly sought after to support a wide variety of engagements and carries out a large number of tasks every year. Catch them on the Festival Theatre Main Stage on Saturday 16 September.